Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Target is Reached!!!!!!

This campaign started in July with no real expectations about where it might lead but last Thursday we reached the $93K target. The gratitude Maara and I feel is indescribable. The love and support shown to us has bubbled over countless times often resulting in the challenges of breast cancer being swamped in the deluge.

There are so many, many acknowledgments to be made but it would be a mammoth task to post them all on this blog. I hope you will forgive me for rolling you into a blanket message of thanks. All of you have opened your hearts to us and put some of your own personal plans and challenges aside to help Maara and me. Fa’afetai tele lava for doing that and may God bless each one of you richly.

I cannot go by without saying something about a couple of people. I am mindful that there have been other people who have been involved in a significant way but I’m confident they support me in a special acknowledgement of these two individuals. Firstly, there’s the Cake Maker and her family. It was her determination to help Maara and me that saw her start the blog and relentlessly drive the fundraising to its successful end. She and her family have made some huge personal sacrifices to ensure this fundraising achieves its objective. Thank you Cake Maker, we believe that through your friendship and support, the odds of us beating this disease have increased tenfold. You have given so much and yet asked for nothing in return. We are eternally grateful and indebted to you and your family!!!!
Secondly, there is Bill Mathews who has poured energy and resources into this campaign as if Maara was his own daughter. He energised people into action so that the campaign got a healthy boost. Thank you very, very much Bill.

What a true blessing it is to have people like the Cake Maker and Bill in your corner when you’re fighting an opponent like cancer.

From here Maara and I continue the treatment programme which should be completed by June /July 2008. Please uphold us in your thoughts and prayers. We have a faithful God who has deliberately moved people in our path to lead us through this ordeal. God has moulded our spirits over time so that we can deal with this situation with strength and hope.

Thanks again to all of you.

Love always


Lorraine aka Aine2 said...

Fabulous news! I knew this would be achieved with the Cake Maker involved, and I shouldn't be surprised that this money has been raised in so short a time...but I am! Absolutely amazing and I'm sure this must give Maara some peace of mind to know that her treatment has been secured. I hope you will continue to keep us informed of Maara's progress along the way. Your positive attitude and the strength within your family will carry you all through this period in your lives. Maara, I wish you well every day. Take care and keep strong. You are an inspiration to everyone who suffers this disease. Junior, your words have touched the world. Love to all of you. :o)

JaneK said...

Wonderful!!!! I am so happy to hear that the goal was reached and that Maara will get the treatments she needs. I was so happy the Cake Maker let other cakers know about this blog and the fundraising efforts.
I wish Maara and the family well and will be thinking of you all. Keep strong and think positive.
All the best

Sarvs said...

It is truly an inspiration to all the other sisters out there with this disease. How encouraging to know that you have achieved in such short time the money needed for your treatment Maara. You and your family (although complete strangers) will be in my thoughts as you continue through your journey. I take strength from champion fighters as yourself Maara knowing that you're a winner already!!
God bless and keep smiling