Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's a big target but with your help we can do this.....

Welcome to the "Support Maara" Blog. This blog has been set up as an aid to help raise the $65,000 (New Zealand Dollars) needed to fund a 12 month course of the drug Herceptin. Please keep checking back regularly to this site to offer support, ideas, prayers.... and most importantly $$$$$$.

Over the next three months we will be running several charity actions, events, raffles in an aim to achieve the $65,000 to fund Maara's treatment. Please feel free to send your friends and family this link so they too can offer support.

Along with the many events we will be organising you can at anytime make a donation at the ASB Bank using the following bank account number:


International & Credit Card donations can be made by using Paypal http://www.paypal.com/ and using the supportmaara@ihug.co.nz email address to send funds.

Thank you so much for your support

1 comment:

JaneK said...

I wanted to help out in my small way by donating my hatbox cake money....I am confident you will reach your goal with your fierce determination for such a worthy cause!
Expect to hear from me again for this!