Wednesday, July 4, 2007

An Update from JT & Maara

Three days ago we started this blog in the hope that it would motivate people to support Maara. It has been achieving that goal at an incredibly rapid pace. The news is spreading faster than we had ever anticipated. As a consequence, on an hourly basis we are going through the full range of emotional experiences. All of this is leaving us wondering how we will ever adequately repay the kindness we have been shown.

People from all over the world are responding to our need. Some of these people have no idea who we are, yet, they have been moved to help us through this. A woman in America who has admired Kathryn’s cakes through various forums has purchased a load of raffle tickets. She’s very determined to acquire a Kathryn cake. That is so cool. Lorraine McKay a celebrated cake maker from Scotland has pledged her support for our campaign. Lorraine was introduced to us by Kathryn sometime ago. We have never personally met her but through the internet we have enjoyed learning how to laugh about things. Now she has come to support us in a challenging time. How neat!

Work colleagues past and present are learning the news about Maara and hastily offering their support. That support is arriving in all shapes and sizes, kind thoughts, advice, ideas, prayers, offers of childcare, home cooking, humour , fundraising events, you name it we have received it.

We want to thank you all personally because that is important to us but logistically it will take time. We hope to get around to that at some point.
How wonderful it is, that this heartfelt generosity is alive and well despite this being a time when world security is under threat and the news of the day is dominated by catastrophes.
That’s it for now. Rest assured that behind the scenes there is so much good stuff happening.

We will keep you updated about everything.

Thanks so much,
Maara and Junior T

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