Monday, July 30, 2007

Hollywood News...... and the power of the internet!

You’ll be pleased to know that Lindsay, Paris or Britney don’t feature anywhere else in this news item. There’s also no gossip about who is doing stuff they’re shouldn’t be doing in Hollywood and definitely no references to NZ Hollywood i.e. Shortland Street.

Instead this story focuses on a far more important and unheralded side of the celebrity world.

Many of you may not recognise the name George Gaynes but if you’ve watched Police Academy (where he played the role of Commissioner Lassard ) , Tootsie, The Way we Were, Nickelodeon, Just Married and a host of other television and movie appearances then you will have met him.

A fortnight ago Mr Gaynes learnt about our humble fundraising blog. He was moved by Maara’s story so he sent $300 to help.

If you Google, George Gaynes, it will tell you everything about his achievements but it wont tell you that he has helped a complete stranger named Maara Toleafoa and her family.

I sent a message of thanks to him not really expecting a reply. This morning I opened my email to find that he had graciously responded by saying,

“Dear Junior, the contribution we made is only a drop in the bucket, and you are welcome to it. I hope your drive is successful, and that there will be hundreds of drops. My best wishes to Maara and to you. Yours truly, George.”

Thank you George. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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