Saturday, July 28, 2007

Junior's Journal 28/07/07

Here’s the latest offering of news from the past week.

Maara has been doing surprisingly well after the first round of chemo. They say the first one is the least intrusive and so far that has been the case. The next session happens on the 10 August (Maara’s birthday) and I guess that’s when things will potentially be different.

As you can see, her new look hairstyle accentuates her beauty and I think she’s enjoying the attention. On the other hand, I have noted that hits on the blog have dramatically increased since my picture was removed. I’m sure there is no correlation.

This week we saw the Police dog handlers bare their craniums and raise a truckload of sponsorship. A fantastic effort by Chris Harris and his team.

A family friend of many years blew us away with an extremely generous $5000 contribution. We have been unable to contact him since last weekend and ask his permission to publicly thank him, his wife and family via the blog. Perhaps he will let us name him later.

Colleagues in the Cashiering Department at my work raised $2000 through cake stalls. Some of those people I very rarely see because of their shiftwork hours. I’m so grateful to all of them for supporting Maara and me.

Tickets went on sale for the movie night and they are being snapped up. Thank you to everyone supporting that fundraiser.

We have an interesting story about a Rangiora -style raffle organised by my wonderful friend Claudine and her family. Everything about this raffle seems relatively normal until you get to the part about Claudine managing to sell tickets to willing buyers long before she or they knew any details about the prize. Even now I’m trying to imagine how the conversations sounded in those first few transactions. Hmmm…I remain puzzled. Anyway, they managed to raise a much appreciated $500. The lucky winner walked away with a very complete wine and dinner package. Superb support from friends in Rangiora !!! Thank you very much!!!

In between all the above events there has been an enormous amount of love and support relentlessly being channelled our way. There’s a huge amount of thank you notes and words to be passed on and I aim to see that those are completed.

In the meantime, please know that Maara, Lahaina, Stuey and I are feeling very humbled and blessed by all of the support. Thank you.

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