Sunday, July 22, 2007

Auckland Police Dog Section shaves a hefty amount off the target!!!!

Sunday 22 July 2007 and it’s a wintry but sunny afternoon at the Auckland Police Dog Section base. About 16 Police Officers from the Auckland Police Dog Section plus one brave six year old, Jakob Harris, decided to ignore the winter chills and shave their heads to raise money for Maara.

For the past few weeks the team have been drumming up sponsorship through family and friends all in the name of Maara’s herceptin treatment. Jakob managed to raise $250. That’s a fabulous effort!!!

Interestingly, after learning a little bit about chemotherapy and its side effects, Jakob was even more motivated to shave his head because by doing so it would show Maara that she didn’t need to be afraid. Bless him!!

As the first pair of clippers powered up, eager volunteers raced to surrender their hair, wanting the experience to be over quickly. A crowd of onlookers cheered the volunteers on with laughter and healthy heckling. Everyone enjoying the scary yet funny transformations unfold. Even though there was a suggestion that for some the change was not so big. (No names of course…Temps, Pikey, Tony and Clint).

The afternoon continued with a BBQ and the standard “few quiet ales” before Senior Constable Chris Harris called the group to order and announced that the total amount raised was an amazing $5,780!

Initially, when Chris organised the event he thought maybe $600 was a realistic target. He had no idea it would far exceed that amount.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser, especially those who gave up their hair for the cause. Special thanks to Sean from Highway Stabilisers who donated $1,000 and personally took Billy’s sponsorship form around to the Highway Stabiliser employees.

Maara was not present at the event but is aware of the unbelievable amount raised. She is extremely grateful and would like to thank everyone who sacrificed their hair, time, money and baking to help out.

Well done Chris and the Auckland Police Dog Section!!!!!

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JaneK said...

Well done...I LOVE the after picture...everyone wearing shades!!!

...and your winter is nothing like!!!